New Business on a Budget...

Time consuming. Costly. Inaccurate information. Not enough time. Need it yesterday. Sound like familiar issues? If you're in new business they do. And new business is not for the faint of heart...

New business is the lifeline for all communications agencies – media, creative, public relations, branding, interactive…you name it. So whatever the cost, it must be worth having it for new business, right? Maybe if you had a bottomless budget. But nobody does. Overspending your budget on incompetent resources and spending time researching inaccurate information is a grave mistake.

Mirren Conference - #1 Recommended New Biz Tool by New Biz Panelists

Mirren Conference - #1 Recommended New Biz Tool by New Biz Panelists

What they won't tell you:

Data that was accurate yesterday is old tomorrow

The sands are constantly shifting in the world of Advertising; data has a short shelf life. Anyone telling you that their data is “accurate” is selling you a bill of goods. Of course accuracy is important. However, it is less about the accuracy of data and more about the ability of the research department to quickly get past the gate keeper to get the data you want for your needs. Yea, we do that. Oh and our service team is available to you at no extra fee.

Data is useless if you can’t derive meaning from it

Data without context is meaningless. We don’t just give you data and send you on your way. We help you decipher the data and figure out what is actionable. How can we do that? Because the driving force behind Access Confidential is search consultants who are new business people too!

Most data is not actionable

Anyone can serve you up mom-and-pop companies with no advertising budget in order to look like they have a bunch of – worthless – data…Helping you find actionable opportunities is our business. We don’t believe in a daily dump of useless leads to go nowhere fast. We believe in quality insights to help you prospect smAARt and avoid the pitch.

Recent Opportunities You've Missed:

  • 59 Newly added executives
  • 98 Decision Makers on the move
  • 0 Current Reviews
  • 16 Open RFP's

Don't put your prospecting on hold! The sands are always shifting and Access Confidential can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape. These opportunities, and more, are identified daily by Access Confidential. Don't let another opportunity pass you by!

How we help:


We've said it before and we’ll say it again, new business is the backbone of any agency and you’ll never gain new business without prospecting.

Proper prospecting isn’t about dialing for dollars. It’s about reaching out at the right time, to the right person and with the right content…a little like media planning.

Access Confidential is the only system to help you do just that because the search consultants behind the application know how to help you build relationships one step at a time while offering thought leadership.

We offer all you need not to just prospect, but to prospect smAARt and avoid the pitch!


Insight is the capacity to have a deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing, and Access Confidential wants to help you identify those insights in order to build relationships by offering valuable content to prospective clients.

Prospects are not interested in how great your agency is and what you do…they’re interested in what you can do for them and their brand.

Access Confidential’s prospecting reports, trend reports, pitch decks and more will help you to scratch beyond the surface and start digging for deeper meanings to help you win more in an efficient and effective manner!

Research Hotline

There isn’t a single database that can claim 100% accuracy or 100% detail or 100% anything! It’s the nature of the beast. No one has it all.

But absolutely no one has Access Confidential’s responsive Research Hotline center that will respond immediately to your specific data needs.

Need more data? Want more insights? Curious about what you heard through the grapevine?

We’re here for you…as an extension to your new business team. Ask away.

We love helping however we can to help you succeed.